It's not a job, it's a lifestyle!

Slovenia, travellers call it ”the small New Zealand”.  Everything is in reach within two hours by car. You can go swimming in the Adriatic Sea, wine tasting in the northeast part of the country or climb the Alps in the Gorenjska region.

Mountains and karst springs gave birth to small streams. Colors blue and green were mixed together into beautiful rivers. The force of water carved beautiful gems underneath the Alps, called canyons. Deep pools, high waterfalls, fascinating slides, nature in all her glory … this landscape made us who we are: outdoor specialists for whitewater adrenaline sports.

We have been exploring canyons all over Europe since 1992. The knowledge and experiences give us an advantage at guiding our clients through our backyard canyoning spots. Highly educated and trained in whitewater rescue and rope access techniques we can manage all kinds of situations.

Gašper Finžgar

Founder, CEO, manager and certified guide

How to get the best experience imaginable? If you go canyoning with the business owner, he is definitely going to show you the best there is, to promote the company and to show the clients some good fun!
• Canyoneer, caving instructor, cave diver, explorer
• Mountain rescuer, cave diving rescuer
• Firefighter, whitewater rescue instructor • Rescue 3 Europe SRT
• Canyoning guide, rafting guide, rescue boat operator


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